Smriti Sudhay

This page is about the “Smriti Sudhay” project that involves younger people in our community to understand dementia and connect to the experience of the journey.

The project started in the year 2008 with a “sit & draw” art workshop involving children to express their understanding of “what it is to lose memory” and how do they see one should support someone who is losing one. Well- known artists from the community joined the young children and it was a great beginning.

The aim was to involve the young from schools, colleges and the community around to join the care chain and make a difference by firstly helping others to accept the unrecognized condition, secondly to provide quality interaction between them and people with dementia and lastly, to encourage them to take preventive measures against dementia.
Since 2008, several schools, colleges, nursing students and the young brigade in general from the community at large have got involved by expressing their understanding through various activities like;
Visits to our daycare center
Essay competition on dementia
Articles on personal journey
Capturing moments through photo sessions
Art workshops
Poetry making
Music jamming
Our 2017-18 activity will focus on teaming up a young person with a dementia person from the same locality and supporting each other as companions in performing everyday activities like visit to local theatre, grocery or a bank.
Here are some moments from the various activities over the years.

To find out more about this project and participating in contact our Program Officer at ARDSI Calcutta office.