Your involvement will be explicitly, clearly and publicly announced with deepest gratitude in whatever ways possible on discussion with you.

Layer I Objective: Awareness, Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Assessment ; Intervention
Activities: Awareness Camps, Memory Screening Camps, Memory Clinics


Awareness Camps Rs 1000 per month

Memory Screening Camps Rs 1000 per month

Memory Clinics Rs 2000 per month

Layer II Objective: Care for person with Dementia and Support for family carers
Activities: Care Counseling, Home Visits, Carer Support Initiatives


Care Counseling Rs 3000 per month

Home Visit Rs 5000 per month

Carer Support Initiative Rs.1000 per month

Layer III Objective: Centre-based Community Care
Activity: ARDSI Calcutta Dementia Daycare Centre
[Assumed full capacity: 8 – 10 patients]


Running of Daycare Centre: Approx. Rs. 60,000 per month.
Break-up of this budget can be provided for donors who wish to sponsor certain items like food, caregiving etc.

Layer IV Objective: Training of specialised professional Dementia care giver, Update & Refresher Course and Matching & Joining with families
Activities: Course ideation, development of course content and materials, impart fresh and refresher training, matching and joining professional care givers with the families requiring them


Dev & Printing of Course Materials Rs 10,000 yearly

Holding of Training Sessions Rs. 15,000 yearly

Layer V Objective: Publication and Publicity
Activities: Publication of books, brochures, newsletters, souvenirs, compendiums, documentary etc. AND Publicity through advertisements, Billboards, Video clips


Initial Corpus (one time) 2,00,000 One time

Layer VI Objective: ARDSI Calcutta Expansion Plan
Activities: An integrated Dementia Service hub where all services can be accessed and which will hold together training, research & study, and publication facilities, also the overall administration; setting up of specialized Dementia Daycare facilities in different localities; setting up of 24x7 care home.

An inititial dedicated corpus of Rs 50,00,000 and a piece of land measuring at least 12 kotthas are required.

For any query, details, explanation and discussion, please contact our registered office. Registered & Administrative Office:
15/3C, Naskarpara Lane, Kolkata 700031, West Bengal, India. Phone:+91 08232014540, Website: www.ardsikolkata.org
Email: ardsikolkata@yahoo.co.in