On the southern fringes of Kolkata
The gate of memory swings
And my heart goes into the garden
And walks with the olden things

Dementia Daycare at C/144 Survey Park, Kolkata - 75, Contact no: 03332017044, 08232014540
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Our Vision: To create a unique place for people with memory loss due to dementia.
Our Philosophy: Is focused on the unique individuality of people affected by Dementia. We consider Dementia a human experience, rather than a purely biological condition and therefore our holistic approach that recognizes and respects the individuality of those affected by dementia and their carers.
Our Mission: To provide a wide range of innovative services designed to enrich every aspect of the lives of the Dementia person and support to their carers.

The aim will be to provide comprehensive centre based day care services that will:

Enable the principal carer/s to continue in their caring role.
Optimize the functioning of the care recipient by engaging then in meaningful center based activities of daily living.

This service will be unique in many ways:

It will be staffed by people specially trained in working with people with dementia
It will be offered in premises suitable and safe for people with dementia
It’s assessment and care planning process will take account of the special and changing needs of the target group Activities and services will be flexible and individualized.

The day care centre can help those:

Individuals who are unable to provide any structure for their daily activities.
Who are isolated from others for more than a few hours a day and miss companionship.
Who cannot be safely left alone at home.
Who live with someone who works outside the home or needs regular time away from home for other reasons.


How can it help?

Benefits to the Carer
Respite is important as it gives the carer time to "recharge their batteries" and carry out day-to-day errands such asshopping, attending appointments or visiting friends. Ultimately, taking a break helps to support and maintain the relationship the carer has with the person they care for.


Benefits to the Person Living with Dementia

Respite allows a person with dementia to benefit from taking part in enjoyable activities, gaining an opportunity forsocial interaction and spending time with staff that are skilled in maintaining their well being. During the period ofrespite, the trained member staff will look for activities that engage the interest of the person with dementia, while enhancing their well being.


The appropriate participants will include adults with physical, psychological or mental impairments such as:

Those who need help with activities of daily living,
Those whose family members needs respite, a break from full-time care-giving.
Those with inadequate support systems.
Those who need assistance in overcoming isolation associated with physical or functional limitations.
Those with memory loss and cognitive impairments interfere with daily functioning.


The inappropriate participants include:

Adults who are bedridden.
Adults in an infectious stage of the disease.
Adults who are destructive or disruptive due to emotional or behavioural-disorders.


The Physical Setting

In keeping with best practice for dementia care the centre will:

Be able to accommodate 8-12 clients at any one time
Be residential in style incorporating homely features such as kitchen, dining room, family/lounge room, rest areas, secure outdoor living area and garden
Have accessible bathroom and toilet/s
Have safe off street access and parking for ease of picking up and dropping off clients
Have or create separate areas, which allow group or individual activities to take place simultaneously.
Meet health and safety regulations in relation to the use of the building, the furniture and the equipment


  • Supervised gentle exercises
  • Metaphors to evoke memories
  • Meditation
  • Games
  • Crafts work
  • Intergenerational activies
  • Discussions
  • Art Groups
  • Films
  • Visiting performers
  • Outside speakers
  • Music and singing
  • Festival & celebrations
  • Mental stimulation games

How to Obtain the Daycare service?

General practitioners, carers, friends, health workers and community services agencies can make referrals.
A medical diagnosis of irreversible dementia is required before a referral is accepted.


Regular review and referral
Carer support


The services provided by the center will be developed based on the principle of person-centered care.

Each person accepted by the service will have an individualised needs assessment from which a care plan will be developed.


The Centre is open Monday to Saturday 4:00p.m.
Morning and afternoon teas are available, and a hot meal
for lunch.
Overall management responsibility for the Centre will be with the Dementia Services Director of ARDSI Calcutta.
A Centre Coordinator will be responsible for day to day management including the initial and ongoing review of assessments and care planning, selection and performance management of staff, and support of carer/s.

The final say...

Our model of care include being well informed, having empathy, respecting basic rights, maintaining caregiving integrity, employing finesse, maintaining optimism, using humor, maintaining patience, developing flexibility,being nonjudgmental, and valuing the moment.