Providing financial support to ARDSI Calcutta will give you the chance to establish or expand programs and services in the communities that are essential for families coping with this disease. So, kindly enable ARDSI Calcutta to advance initiatives, develop new services, research best care practices, and identify and replicate high quality programs that ultimately will benefit the entire Alzheimer's community.

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General Donation
Join the Dementia Mission and make a positive difference to the social care and welfare, specially geriatric care and welfare structure and capacity of our region.
In the following pages you will find the budgets to achieve different layers of objectives, which may help you consider, think and plan your special way of getting involved in the Dementia mission. All the Layers of Objectives are as important and are as urgent, since, hiring the words of the World Health Organisation, "the Dementia Epidemic is Here" and "there is no time to lose".
Your involvement will be explicitly, clearly and publicly announced with deepest gratitude in whatever ways possible on discussion with you.

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Your gift today will ensure that ARDSI Calcutta Chapter can continue supporting all families caring for someone close to them with the disease.
Contributions to the society is eligible for Tax Relief under Section 80G of Income tax Act, 1961.

We have got ourselves registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and are now able to accept donations in foreign currency. We earnestly request you to advance your generous hands and donate whatever amount possible for you to the dementia cause. Your support will make a huge difference to the mission.

Please email us at and we will help you make it happen.Thank you for being an important link in our care chain. Together we can make a difference.