Mission Statement

ARDSI Calcutta is dedicated to supporting and educating carers and the community in the identification and management of dementia and related disorders .

Vision Statement

To develop high level awareness of current and future Dementia related issues amongst Government, Medical Professionals, Corporates, Society and Individuals to assist with the management of the disease and the levels of support offered to those affected by it. To build a network of campuses which provide information, education, support and care for all persons with Dementia and those involved in managing the disease.

Core Values

The Corporate Values governing ARDSI Calcutta’s operations and development include:

• Total respect for all clients, families, supporters and carers in all our actions and decisions.

• We will be constantly aware of the feelings of all people involved displaying genuine compassion and sensitivity in all our dealings.

• We will ensure the dignity of all individuals entrusted to our care is maintained at the highest possible levels throughout all our dealings with them.

• We will operate with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and teamwork to ensure the best possible outcomes for all those who come into contact with our organization.